The Harden Project

This soul-stirring, emotion-provoking, sonically-pleasing project features Jazz Fusion, Funk, and Soul and an array of other genres.  


The spirit of music brought them together and the spirit of love binds them together. When you go to experience The Harden Project you will feel the love of music encapsulated in this couples musicianship. The core of The Harden Project consists of vocalist Ja'Nia Harden and organist John Harden. These two artists skillfully and fearlessly play off of each other and displays fluent chemistry during their performances. 

Their influences range from Bobby McFerrin, Dinah Washington, Al Jarreau, Jimmy Smith, Robert Glasper, Soulive, and Bobby Floyd. The couple blends their influences and life experiences to create soulful groovy sometimes enchanting compositions. They are not afraid of being transparent and open while performing.

The goal of the project is to bring soul-stirring, emotion-provoking, life-influenced music to the world. The Harden Project features fusion based music of all genres, heavily influenced by jazz, social music, and soul.