The Harden Project

This soul-stirring, emotion-provoking, sonically-pleasing project features Jazz Fusion, Funk, and Soul and an array of other genres.  

2018 Dates




August 12th                                 Ray's Downtown WPB/Voltaire                                 9:30pm


August 17th                                 The Hive, Lantana, FL                                              10pm


September 14th                           The Hive, Lantana, FL                                             10pm     

 October 12th The Hive, Lantana, FL 10pm

October 13th Private Gig

October 31st Sweet Home’s Jazz in the Hollows,

Sweet Home Baptist Church West Perrine, FL 6:30p-9:30p

November 2nd                       The Hive, Lantana, FL                                               10pm

December 1st R&B Blues Festival,

African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, Miami, FL

December 7th                              The Hive, Lantana, FL                                             10pm